Sunday, January 29, 2012

Robbee Polish: Holo Topcoat

Yay! I'm finally posting again! I've been making some holo topcoat!
If you don't know what holo topcoat is... Holo Topcoat is is a clear base with rainbow holographic particles (I used Spectraflair for the holo powder). This holographic glitter can be seen in direct light the best and you can definitely see maximum holo power in the sun!
 And I am also now selling this polish. You can find how to buy Holo Topcoat on one of my pages at the top of my blog labeled "Robbee Polishes".
 And now I will spam you with holo pictures!


  1. So pretty! Did you use a Spectra Flair pigment for this?

  2. wow... so nice. I liked green, purple and blue ma favorite colors..

    cbaZaar sarees

  3. @A Polished Touch Yes, I did use Spectraflair pigment for this :)

  4. Very cute. I like how you named your polish line after your rabbit!

  5. great:D

  6. It looks great on every color! Awesome job!

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