Monday, October 31, 2011

Cheetah and Zebra Print, Two Mani's in One!

 First, I started by doing my nails with a cheetah print design that was inspired by this shirt I found. Can you believe this was my first cheetah design ever?!?!

 Then, I removed the cheetah print on half of the nail, and added zebra print.

Thanks, for reading!! Happy Halloween!! :D

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

LegoLand Nail Art

Yesterday, I went to the newest LegoLand in Florida. It just opened October 15th. And since this was my first time going, I did a special nail art for this occasion.
My Inspiration.

On my pinky, there is a little Lego man. xD

I didn't take a lot of pictures of LegoLand, but I promise I will show you more next time I go there. (I've got an annual pass! :D )
This guy is made entirely out of Lego!

This is also made out of Lego

And this whole zoo of animals are made out of Lego! Everything looks so realistic!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Toothpick Paint Splatter

 Today I followed Liquid Jelly's tutorial here. Its a realyl design and I hope you'll try it too.

Today's post is short and sweet today. See you in the next post!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Flower Friday!

I made up this little thing called Flower Friday. The picture mostly explains the whole concept. The sun is the followers and the comments are the water. These are all things that blog/flowers need to grow!  So Flower Friday is when I show you some blogs that need to grow more and more with more readers and comments. I think these blog deserve more readers and comments....
I hope you can check out their blogs and help their blogs grow!

Don't give up!

Remember Revlon- Bubblegum??
 Today, I did an arrow tape manicure on top of this polish. I got inspired to do this design form NailSide. She does a lot of tape manicures, so go check her out! Here's a little picture tutorial to show you how to do it.
 First, take some tape, (You probably won't need scissors for this design) and line them up to show only a silhouette of an arrow.
 Then paint your nails, the color you want the arrow to be. Then take of the tape. ( I didn't get a picture of this step, sorry.. )

But then something happened, I was doing this nail art outside, and there was a mosquito flying by. (Mosquitos love to suck my blood.) I got a little irritated of it, so I SPLATTED it with my hands. And I felt really good about it because that mosquito's buzzing was finally gone! But then I remembered that I was doing a manicure. Then I looked at my hands......
 Just as I was finished with my manicure, this happened!! That mosquito ruined my manicure!! 
Tip: Don't catch and splat a mosquito while doing nail art.
But, of course, a mosquito could not ruin all my hard work! So I tried to fix it all up, even though it was all bumpy and ridgy afterwards. Then I covered it with a topcoat to cover all of the bumpiness.
(Sorry, about the lighting. By the time I got done fixing it there was no more sunlight to take pictures with. That mosquito ruined my schedule!!)
 Its not perfect but I did my best to fix it. 
Moral of this Story: Don't give up on your nail art! And do your nail art inside!!
Thanks for reading my story! I feel like Aesop now.. hehe..

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

What would Disney Princesses look like in real life??

I know this post isn't nail-related. But I thought I'd share it to you!

"Jirka Väätäinen, a student at the Arts University College at Bournemouth in the UK, put together this collection of drawings to show what some of our favorite Disney Princesses would look like if they were real people."

 Ariel The Little Mermaid
 Aurora Sleeping Beauty (at first I thought she was Cinderella! lol )
 Belle Beauty and the Beast
 Esmeralda The Hunchback of Notredame
 Megara Hercules
 Princess Jasmine Aladin
Ursula The Little Mermaid

I wish they had Cinderella and Snow White but I couldn't find them :(

And here are some celebrities that look like Disney Princesses.
*pictures found online*

Revlon- Bubble Gum Swatch

   I got some requests to do more swatches for you guys, the reason why I don't usually do swatches is because I don' really have those very expensive, fancy, nail polishes, worth being swatched. (All my polishes usually cost $1 or I use coupons to bring the price down to a dollar. XD) So here's a swatch for you today!  

Bubble Gum is one of the polishes of Revlon's scented polish collection. And it does smell like bubble gum! Every time I open it, bubble gum scent explodes out of the bottle. It always smells like a candy factory when I use this polish.
 This polish is opaque in ONE coat! And it is a bright hot pink, its sortof neon. And I didn't have any problem with application. This is 2 coats.
Overall this is a really great polish, the scent wears out after a few days. :D

And of course, if I have a base color, I have to do nail art on top, so watch out for some nail art tomorrow!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tools I Use For My Nails

Today I received a request from one of my awesome followers, Lyciènne. (Check out her blog here.) She asked if i could do a post about the tools I use, she's is from another country and doesn't know much English, but I assumed she asked to do a post about my tools. I wish I could translate my posts for all my international followers, but sadly I can't. :(
 First, I will start with my Nail art tools.

 The tool I use the most for my art is nail art brushes. I got these off of Ebay for 94 cents.(Bargain!!) But since I used nail polish remover to clean them some of the brushes fell off. Tip: Don't soak your brushes in acetone nail polish remover to clean them. Use non-acetone nail polish remover so the glue from the brush won't fall out.
These brushes are used to draw or paint detailed designs.
Close-up of my brushes.

 The next tool I use for my nail art are my dotting tools. (I also got these from Ebay.) These tools are used to make precise dots for nail art. They come in many different sizes, but the dotting tool I use the most is the white and yellow one. Because they usually have the size dot I need.
 Close-up of the dotting tools.

 I also use striper nail polish. These nail polishes have a small thin brush inside to make stripes or other types of nail art.

 Another tool I use for my nail art is Stamping Plates.To use these you must have a Scraper and stamper (left). I only have 4 stamping plates but I hope I can get more soon. I don't usually use this method of nail art but I do sometimes when I'm too lazy to do freehand art. ;)
 Nail art pens are also a good tool to use. They're easier to use than all the other tools because its just like using a marker to draw on your nails! I only have one nail art pen, its from the brand Sally Hansen. I used this pen in this post.
 Now I will be talking about the basic tools you'll need for nail polish/art.
 A very important tool you'll need is a basecoat and topcoat. Basecoats are to put under you layer of nail polish to protect against nail polish staining.Topcoats are used to cover you nail polish/art after you're done painting. Put a topcoat to make your nails last longer and to give it an extra shine. I use an L.A. Colors Basecoat/Topcoat, it does the basecoat and topcoat job all in bottle.
 To remove your nail polish, use nail polish remover and a cotton ball. You can also use cotton pads or nail polish remover pads.
Nail polish remover is very drying, especially if it has acetone in it. So to replenish your nails use lotion or cuticle cream to moisturize your nails. You should do this everyday to keep your nails healthy.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope this post helped you. :)

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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