Friday, December 2, 2011

KK Nails: 24 Days of Christmas Challenge- Day 2 Snowflakes

Hello, everyone! I'm busy today, so what you are reading right now, is a scheduled post!! :D 
 Today's theme is snowflakes, and since I'm busy, I just used a snowflake mani that I did in this post. I hope its ok to show you a mani, that you've already seen :P I'm just really, really, busy. :)
I did all kinds of different snowflakes on this design, because every snowflake is unique!
I love how the white looks, really good, on a rich dark color. I used a nail art brush, and Sinful Colors-Snow Me White for the snowflakes, and then added some glitz with some clear glitter polish.
Thanks, for reading my scheduled post!


  1. nice! i'm actually thinking how am I supposed to make snowflakes coz I don't have stamping paltes for it.. nut looking at this, i think it will still look beautiful regardless if I just do free-hand.

  2. Ooooh that base color is gorgeous and I totally agree about it looking nice against a rich background.


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