Saturday, December 3, 2011

Guest Post from Pudgy Nails!

Hello, Everyone, Kirshten here! Today I have a guest post, form the wonderful Gwen from Pudgy Nails! She will teach you how to do some simple nail art!

Hello! I'm Gwen from Pudgynails and I'm elated that I get to do a guest post for Kirshten.

(Thanks Kirshten!!)
Well, I racked my brains to think of what I could do for this guest post...
Then, I thought that maybe I should just do a simple but cute tutorial?
It's the cloud design :)
Do the usuals ok?
Put on your base coat!

Firstly, you'll have to start with your base color.

I chose OPI's What's With The Cattitude.
 Secondly, you'll have to grab your dotting tool or a toothpick?

My dotting tool looks like this, so you can get them on eBay for a really good price for a set of 5.
 Get a piece of cardboard and put an adequate amount of white creme polish on it.

I used OPI's Alpine Snow.
Then, use your dotting tool and dab some polish on it.
Then, you're ready to "paint some clouds"

You just have to dot three continuous dots horizontally for a cute cloud.

Like this ->
 Maybe you can dot a few more and it'll end up like this.
 Top it off with your desired top coat and there you go! :)

A cute and simple cloud tutorial for you.

Here's a picture of all the polishes I used for this tutorial:
  I also did some with different blue-toned bases and an accent nail!
L to R: CG's Sea Spray, OPI's What's With The Cattitude,
CG's For Audrey, CG's DV8 & CG's Towel Boy Toy

Once again, thanks a lot Kirshten for letting me do a guest post!

Maybe you could do one for me soon? :D

See all of you around soon!

Wow! Thanks for the lovely tutorial, I will definitely try this out soon!


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