Friday, December 16, 2011

24 Days of Christmas Challenge- Day 16 Lights

 Hello, everyone! Sorry, I didn't poist yestreday's challenge! I'm just soooo busy.. I can't blog everyday anymore....
but I'm here now! And, I did this manicure really fast(I am also typing really fast), so, sorry for my mistakes and horrible nails.
I follwed CutePolish;s tutorial on youtube; she does great and simple nail art!

Thanks for still coming back to my blog, even though I don't post everyday, it means alot! ;D


  1. If this was a rush job, I don't know how it would have looked if you took your time. This looks great to me. Aaahh, to have such skill, lol. I like!!

  2. This is such a cute wonderful design:D


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