Wednesday, December 14, 2011

24 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 13 & 14 Christmas Trees and Ornaments

Hello! Sorry, I didn't post yesterday. I decided to combine the the themes, Christmas trees and ornaments into one mani.
 And, I know that this mani was a complete FAIL! You can't even tell if they're Christmas trees or not. :'(

But anyway.... I  started with a blue base, then i drew my Christmas tree.
After, i used We N Wild : Party of Five Glitters for the ornaments of the trees. 
Sorry, about the nail fail. :( 
I hope you'll forgive me.


  1. The great thing about art is it yours and your always learning style. I think they are lovely and you can tell they are Chirstman trees!

  2. how on earth are these a fail ?? i love them !!! xxx

  3. This looks so fun!! Lots of cute trees~xD I love it!!


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