Saturday, December 31, 2011

Its New Year's Eve already???

Happy New Year's, dear reader! I couldn't think of a design for New Year's, so I just followed TotallyCoolNails' NYC Ball Drop New Years Nail Art Design. She's a great nail artist and she does the BEST tutorials.

My ring finger is the New York ball drop and the rest are silver fireworks. :)
Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll have a great new year! :D

Friday, December 30, 2011

KK Nails: Swatch Comparison Finger Paints: Twisted vs. Asylum

Hello everyone! Today I have a comparison post of two of the new Finger Paints Special Effects, Twisted and Asylum. These two look almost the same in the bottle but what about on the nail??
Here's swatches of both Twisted and Asylum layered over Wet N Wild Black Creme.

Can you tell the difference? Twisted has more colors of flakies than Asylum. Twisted has red-orange, orange, yellow, green, blue, and blue-violet flakies; Asylum has only orange, yellow, green, and blue-violet flakies. These are both two coats, and Twisted is packed more with flakies than Asylum.
Asylum is probably a dupe of Twisted, but is just missing some flakies that Twisted has. Asylum is a "Twisted Wanna Be." Hehe..
If I had to choose only one of these two, I would probably choose Twisted just because it has more colors.

I hope you liked today's comparison post; This is my first comparison post so I hope it was understandable and readable. :) Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

NailNation3000 Hello Kitty Nail Art

Today I was watching a Hello Kitty Design video from NailNation3000 and I decided I wanted to try it! I had the HK image plate to do this design and the nail decals too! Click here to watch the Hello Kitty Design Video!
 This design was fun! I am a BIG Hello Kitty fan, so this design was great for a Hello Kitty fan like me!
The right side of my nail, with the stamping, is matte and everything else is glossy.
My stamping isn't that great though; I still have to work on it. Hahaha...
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Design Inspired by Rebecca (and a new tab!)

Hello, everyone! Today I have a design that I saw on Rebecca Like's Nails. (The link to the design is here.) This design was posted on her blog months ago, and I've always wanted to do it; but I didn't have the right teal color to do the design, now that I have China Glaze-For Audrey, I can finally do the design!
Here it is:
 I love this design, and the color combination! I would've never used teal with gray!
 This design was also very simple. I just used a striper brush to make the lines and zebra stripes.
I love zebra stripes, (or any type of animal print) so this design was just perfect for me!
I hope you all liked this design! Thanks for reading!

P.S. I have also put a new tab, up on my blog. Its called the "guest post" tab. Guest posting is when another person blogs on another person's blog. Guest posting can also get your blog advertised to new people, and then they might follow you back. ;) Check out the tab at the top of my blog! :D

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

China Glaze- For Audrey

YAY! I got my first China Glaze a few days ago, and I finally swatched it! I'm so excited that I FINALLY have a China Glaze polish in my hand. I will cherish this polish forever. :)
The first China Glaze polish I got is For Audrey.

I have been seeing this color used a lot by nail friends and other nail blogs, so that's why I picked it. I've never had a color like this before, so I'm really excited.
 But.... the true color wouldn't show on my camera, I don't know why! I wish the color was as bright as in the pictures, but sadly it isn't. For Audrey is about 1-2 shades darker than in the pictures.

This picture is probably the closest to the actual color of For Audrey.

This creme, took 2-3 coats. The formula was a little bit thick, but I probably just got a bad bottle (when I first opened it, it look like it had been used).
Thanks for reading about my first China Glaze! If you own this polish, what do you think about it?? I would love to see your opinions of this polish on the comments below.

Finger Paints-Twisted in Matte!

Hello, everyone! After putting on Finger Paints- Twisted, I decided to matt-ify my nails with Hard Candy- Matte-ly in Love.

I love how matte looks on flakies!
I am just, in awe of this combination! LOL :P

Thanks for reading my short post! Check back later for a new, longer, post, Hehe.. :P

Monday, December 26, 2011

Finger Paints: Twisted; Unicorn Puke Dupe????

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Hello, Everyone! Happy Day After Christmas! I hope you all got a lot of great presents this year! One of the presents I got, is a polish from the new Finger Paints Special Effects Collection! This collection isn't suppose to be out 'til January, so i was very excited to see them out early in my local Sally Beauty Supply.
The polishes I got are Twisted and Flecked; today I will be swatching Twisted!
 This polish has is a multi-colored flakie! It's like a rainbow was trapped inside this bottle! I swatched it over a dark purple, because I thought it would look a lot like the legendary bottle of Cult Nails: Unicorn Puke!

*Picture taken from Swatch and Learn*

I was very sad that I didn't get a hold of Unicorn Puke, when it was available; but now I can have a substitute! ;D
 I tried to list all the colors of the flakies in this polish, and here are the ones I see: Red-orange Flakies, Orange Flakies, Yellow Flakies, Green Flakies, Blue Flakies, and Purple Flakies. (Basically all the colors of the rainbow, haha.. :P)

Get ready for the most awesom-est Close-Up ever!!!


 Here is what the flakies look like inside the bottle:
You probably want this flakie polish right now, hahaha.. :P
If you're really interested in this polish, try checking out your local Sally Beauty Supply, if you have one near you.
Thanks, for reading!

Friday, December 23, 2011

24 Days of Christmas Challenge- Day 23 Santa AND Day 24

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! I know I have been slacking on the 24 Days of Christmas Challenge, but I'm back and I'm ready to do the two last days! :D
Today is Day 23- Santa; I followed my friend, Mini from Mini Nail Blog's tutorial here. I decided to use today's manicure as Day-24 for my favorite manicure, because I think this is the best Christmas manicure I've ever done! I just hope the design won't chip 'til after Christmas. :P
Here's another picture!
Today is a short post, I know, but I'll be back tomorrow! :D Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

SINFUL COLORS Holiday 2011 Review

Happy Holidays, everyone! Today I have a review of SinfulColors Holiday Collection 2011!
This collection consists of five gem-inspired shades of polish and two metallic shades of nail art.

 Midnight Blue- A bright and bold navy blue that requires two coats for opacity. This color is probably my favorite out of the collection because of its beautiful shine and vibrant color!

Last Chance- A dark and deep hunter green that required two coats for opacity. This color is a beautiful creme but it left green staining on my nails and around my skin.

Daddy's Girl- A beautiful purple jelly filled with gold glitter. This polish took 3-4 coats for opacity. I love this polish because of the beautiful, flakey, glitters; I just wish that more of it would show on my nail. 

Sugar Sugar- A beautiful, bright, red that took two coats for opacity. This polish has the same formula as Midnight Blue,  but Sugar Sugar has really little gold flecks.
 Out of This World- A light silver that took 3-4 coats for opacity. This polish is probably my least favorite of the collection because of the formula; it is very, very sheer, and became really thick on my nails after the third coat. I would definitely try layering this color over another color to help with the application.

Fashionista- Fashionista is a clear base full of circle, silver, glitter. Here, I sponged it over Sugar Sugar, and I did nail art stripes on the rest of the fingers.

Flower Girl- Flower Girl is a perfect gold color. This polish is really opaque and is not a glitter, like
Fashionista. I sponged Fashionsita over my ring finger, and did little gold stars over Last Chance.

SinfulColors surpasses the masses with more than 150 amazing shades of nail polish, including the above-mentioned shades. All hues are available for $1.99 at major drug and mass-market stores nationwide, by calling 1-800-448-0763 or online at

*These items were sent to me to review, for my honest opinions*

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I made glow in the dark nail polish!

Hello, everyone!! I know I haven't been posting alot (and I also haven't been doing the 24 Days of Christmas Challenge), and thats because I got sick. I have really bad headaches, coughs, and runny nose. But I'm still here, doing my nails and making nail polish!

A couple days ago, I made a glow in the dark nail polish! Glow in the dark polish has been a polish that I've ben wanting for forever, and I couldn't wait any longer, so I made my own!
I made it in a little Wet N Wild glitter polish bottle, and then added the glow in myself.
 Here's a picture of it on my thumb.

What I use to make it glow, is Splat Glow Temporary Hair Color (Violet Rays). Its suppose to be put in hair to make it purple and glow but the purple didn't show up in my hair, but glow sure did. I had this for about a year, and it was just sitting in my drawer; so I thought about putting it in polish! The package says it can cause allergies to some people, but it didn't to me; so I thought it was safe enough to put in polish. And that's the story on how I made my first glow in the dark polish!
Thanks for reading!! :D

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tutorial: How I Clean Up My Nails

Hello, everyone! A few days ago someone asked me how I paint my nails so neatly; the truth is I don't paint my nails very well, I still get some polish on my skin and over my cuticles, but I do use a clean-up method, that I will teach you in this tutorial!
Today's tutorial will show you how to get your nails from this......
 to this!
 All you'll need is some nail polish remover and a flat brush or doe foot brush.

You can pick any type of brush, you like. I know that most nail artists use the flat brush for their clean up, but I prefer using the doe foot brush because it has more bristles, which holds more nail polish remover. But the brush you use is based on your preference.
 First, dip your brush in some nail polish remover. After its all soaked, swipe the brush on the polish you want to get rid of. Do this on the sides of your nails and around the cuticle. 

 And that's it! Very easy and very quick! Now you can have neat and clean nails.

*Polish used in this tutorial is SinfulColors- Midnight Blue*

Friday, December 16, 2011

24 Days of Christmas Challenge- Day 16 Lights

 Hello, everyone! Sorry, I didn't poist yestreday's challenge! I'm just soooo busy.. I can't blog everyday anymore....
but I'm here now! And, I did this manicure really fast(I am also typing really fast), so, sorry for my mistakes and horrible nails.
I follwed CutePolish;s tutorial on youtube; she does great and simple nail art!

Thanks for still coming back to my blog, even though I don't post everyday, it means alot! ;D

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

24 Days of Christmas Challenge Day 13 & 14 Christmas Trees and Ornaments

Hello! Sorry, I didn't post yesterday. I decided to combine the the themes, Christmas trees and ornaments into one mani.
 And, I know that this mani was a complete FAIL! You can't even tell if they're Christmas trees or not. :'(

But anyway.... I  started with a blue base, then i drew my Christmas tree.
After, i used We N Wild : Party of Five Glitters for the ornaments of the trees. 
Sorry, about the nail fail. :( 
I hope you'll forgive me.

Monday, December 12, 2011

24 Days of Christmas - Day 12 Holly

Wow! Day 12 already! Today's Challenge is Holly!
 On this nail art I started with Revlon-Minted as my base color, then I put my red rhinestones; After it all dried, I drew the green leaves.
 I like how this design looks 3-D on my nails.
Thanks for reading! :D :D 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

24 Days of Christmas Challenge- Day 11 Wreaths

Hello, today's theme is wreaths. This design was very simple, even my sister made one. Hahaha...
I started with a white base, then I added some glitter, and then i drew a wreath with little decorations.
Sorry, about the short post today, thanks for understanding. :) :)

24 Days of Christmas Challenge- Day 10 Poinsettias

Day 10 Poinsettias~

Poinsettias are one of my favortie flowers!  So, I really enjoyed this nail art. I started with a yellow base, the sponged on some gold, and then I drew a poinsettia as an accent finger.