Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tutorial Tuesdays

 Hey girls!! Today I made something up that came out of my imagination. Its called Tutorial Tuesdays! I even made a little graphic. :D Its basically doing a tutorial every Tuesday, it can be about anything, doing a tutorial on nail art, or a tutorial on how to take care of your rabbit! It depends. (If you're the one who first made up Tutorial Tuesday, I give full credit to you.) SO today I'll be doing a tutorial on how to do my faded out striped mani, if you haven't seen it click here.
First, you're gonna need some polishes and a sponge. I'm using Revlon-Electric, Kiss Nail Art Paint, and an ordinary dishwashing sponge.

Start by painting your nail with your base color. Let dry.

After, your base color is all dry, take out your striper brush and make some diagonal stripes. I made these stripes a little thick.

After the stripes are dry, apply some of the polish you used as your base color on to the sponge.

Then just lightly dab the sponge on to where you want it to look faded out. 

To make it look more faded, add some more color.
And you're done! A simple faded stripes mani! I hope you liked this tutorial and try it for yourself, if you do try it, just leave a link below, I'd love too see how yours turned out. Thanks!


  1. Great idea! I love tutorial Tuesday's :-)

  2. Super cute graphic.!!! Love the tutorial and the nail design!


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