Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello Kitty Stickers! Must read, if you love Hello Kitty.

Before I start talking about Hello Kitty. I want to say thank you for all your support! I now have 70 followers!! Only 30 more and I 'll have my first giveaway!! Yay!!

I will first talk about my love of Hello Kitty, if you just wanna see the nail design scroll down to the bottom :) I've loved Hello Kitty since I was a kid. If you can see my room I have tons of Sanrio stuff and Hello Kitty stuff. But, you know what has been really getting on my nerves lately. I was just walking around Walmart, looking for nail polish till I saw this!
Hello kitty with eyelashes?!?!?! Since when did Hello Kitty have eyelashes?! Did she use mascara or something?! I've always loved the cute little Hello Kitty but not one with eyelashes. I dont know if you like the new Hello Kitty but I sure don't.

Anyway.. back to the nail art. I first found out about the stickers from rebecca likes nails. She had a giveaway, and she gave hello kitty stickers to the first 50 people who entered! I was so sad that I wasn't one of the first 50 people, so I ordered my own stickers and I just got them in the mail! I ordered them from Bornpretty (the awesomest nail art store).

Here's what the package looks like..
I decided to put them over a simple french tip sponge manicure.

I thought the stickers would be much bigger, but they're quite small. The first time I peeled one off it broke! SO you have to be really careful in peeling these off! Thanks for reading!! :DD


  1. It's decided. I'm buying these now =P they are ADORABLE!!!

  2. lolz.. i'm the 70th :-) I love this blog. Zarina told me about KK Nails.

    Anyway, I like this stickers but it's not available in my country. It sucks grrrrrrr! :(

  3. @Amber Thanks! I love HK too!

    @ Lindsey Lol! They really are adorable!

    @pamgotcrazy Thanks for being my 70th follower! I just followed your blog, but I cant seem to comment on your blog. I dont know why. Aww that sucks that they arent available in your country.:(

  4. @Kirsten - yeah it really sucks that's why I have to do freehand painting whether i like it or not. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :((

    i think my blog is having problems.. i guess i have to change my template. where did you get yours? :)

  5. SO CUTE! sorry you didnt win but im happy you bought them!! i love what you did with them!!
    and booooo i dont like kitty with eyelashes :(

  6. @Shadow Thanks! :D

    @pamgotcrazy Umm I actually dont know where I got my template lol :p I just made it when I first made a blogger account.

    @rebecca Im so happy I bought them too!! hehe.. You're the first one to comment about Hello Kitty's eyelashes lol :P


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