Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hannah Pinktana Swatch

 Today I swatched the very pretty Hannah Pinktana. Although I hate Hannah Montana, I love the polish.Its meant to be a layering polish, so this is I think 3-4 coats. I got this from Wet N' Wild's sale at Walgreens, I dont know if its still going on though.

 Its a shimmer and very glittery, in the sun it flashes most of the colors of the rainbow!

Do you like the new sizes of the pictures? I thought my pictures before were too big, but if they're small the pictures get really blurry (which I hate). Which do your prefer?? Leave your comments below, Thanks!


  1. love it! love your nails hun! :) and the polish, i love glitter polishes!! :) im a nail art addict too hehehe! by the way im your new follower :)

  2. @imfeelingnail-venturous Thanks, and thank you for your opinion o the pictures. :)

    @neelai Thanks! Thanks for being my new follower! I love seeing new followers! And I just looked at your blog and I love it! Im your new follower! And I also looked at your little "About Me" and Im a Filipina too!


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