Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 9 and 10 Rainbow gradient Nails! (Pic Heavy)

 (This post was suppose to be a scheduled one but I don't know why it didn't post up! I put up my scheduled posts everyday at 9:00 Am but this one didnt so... ) Today on the 31 Day Challenge, the theme was Rainbow Nails, and tomorrow's is gradient nails so I combined both and came up with this Rainbow Gradient design. I even took pictures of every step, here's a step by step tutorial :)
I first painted my nails with Wet N' Wild Black Creme, and then I added Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love for the matte finish.

Then I added some pink pebble shapes with my dotting tool.

I then added some white pebble to be the "underwear" for my next color because it wouldn't show against the black.

Add the orange over the white.

I then added green and yellow.

Then I added blue and purple 
 And thats the little picture tutorial, now I will picture spam you with pictures of this mani. lol :P

Thanks for taking the time to get to the end of this post!


  1. love it!!!! It kinda look 3rd this is an awesome mani!

  2. These look amazing! My favorite rainbow manicure out of all the ones I have seen today!

  3. wow!!!! I definitely think this is your best mani ever!! It looks so gorgeous! And almost 3D-ish :D

  4. Thanks for the nice comments everyone!! I luv you all! :D

  5. Love this! Thanks for the tutorial :-)


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