Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 14 Flowers!

 Here's the flower nail art for today!! Dandelions!!!! This design was inspired from my slippers that I'm wearing right now! I did this nail art over my franken "Sparkleyyy". And I really love this design, I put matte topcoat on this one because I thought it would look better. In real life the colors are much, much bolder, and awesomer. But these pictures are all I can give to you guys :(
Here it is without matte topcoat. Its all bumpy..


Thanks for reading!!


  1. So cute and happy, I love them!!!

  2. hello little sister.. I love your blog. Zarina told me about this blog. I love it. I followed you. :)

  3. @Nail Nerd Thanks! I love em too!
    @pamgotcrazy Thank you for loving my blog! And thank you Zarina! Thanks for following :D


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