Saturday, September 17, 2011

Citrus Nail Art!

I saw a tutorial on how to do this from Nailside! She does awesome nail art! If you havent looked at her blog yet go check it out! When I saw this tutorial I immediately wanted to try it! So here's the result!

I put matte topcoat because the colors showed up better :)

The colors dont show up like this in real life :( but oh well. In the pictures the lines are pink and the base color is orange. But you can barely see the pink lines in the picture D:


  1. Waaaaah! The color is sooo adorable. I like the color combination!

  2. This are so cute and LOVE the colors you picked for it!

  3. ADORABLE for reals. The colors all work so well together.

  4. Thanks girls!! I didnt know the color combination was that spectacular! lol :p


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