Friday, August 12, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat and BK Crackle Swatches!

 Yesterday I wanted to try my two crackles and show the results! I will be swatching Bk and Sally Hansen. BK Crackle crackles like elephant skin crackle while Sally Hansen is more of a shatter crackle!

 My ring and midddle finger have Sally Hansen and my pinky and index have BK Crackle.

Just applied. Sally Hansen cracked really quickly while BK still doesn't have any cracks.

A few minutes later Sally Hansen is probably done cracking while BK has some bumps

Finished results: Sally Hansen cracked really quickly but it didn't have much cracks, and BK had elephant skin cracks but you cant really see it in the pic but they're there.

(I crackled this over my paint splatter nail art)
Thanxx for reading!

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