Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paint Splatter!! All you need is a Sponge!! + Tutorial

 On Polishaholics Anonoymous, one of the members posted about using the rough side of a sponge to make paint splatter, so I decided to try it and it does work!! Who knew?!?! So today I will show you guys a tutorial on how to do it.

First, you'll need a dishwashing sponge, you can get these at practically any store that sells dishwashing items. On one side there's a sponge (yellow part) and on the other side there's a rough side (dark green part). We'll be using the rough side (dark green part).
You'll need some polishes, you can pick any colors you want. Be Creative!! I'll be using Wet N' Wild Dreamy Poppy, Wet N' Wild Sunny Side Up, Klik Neon Yellow, Klik Neon Green, Sinful Colors Why Not, Love and Beauty Purple, and Wet N' Wild French White  Creme as the base color. I basically have colors of the rainbow.

First, paint you rnail with your base coat (Sorry no Pic). After its completely dry, paint you base color I'm using WnW French White Creme.

Then dab some polish on to the rough side of the sponge.

Quickly, press the sponge lightly on to the nail.
It should now look like this.

Continue pressing on your other colors.

When you've finished putting all the colors seal with a topcoat to give it extra shine and make it last longer. And you're done!! Easy paint splatter! Thanks for reading my first tutorial! Have a great day!


  1. Colours look really good together :]
    Seems like a less messy way for a splatter mani!

  2. @Sandra Thanks :DD

    @Jennius It really is a lesss messy way for a splatter mani :)

  3. Love it very bright and perfect for summer

  4. looks awesome!
    can't wait to try it!


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