Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Haul

I don't really buy nail polish that much (because I don't have much money, I dont work xD) so most of my nail polishes are a $1 or bought with coupons. I wish I had money to buy all the nail polishes in the world!!!!! Aaaaahhhh....

I got Wet N' WIld Dreamy Poppy, Party of Five Glitters (which is an awesome polish this is my first time getting it), Black Creme, French White Cream, and Love and Beauty Polish I don't know the name but its a purple creme (and I'll be dong a post about it tomorrow). And this cute Hello Kitty pencil case!! I  ♥ Hello Kitty!!

I also got some L.A. Colors glitter from the Dollor Store.

 Close up of Hello Kitty.

I also got a few gifts from my aunt, its all PURPLE!!!! My fave color! I've got paper clips,toe spacers, nail files, and a purple notebook on the back.

Oh and TraceFacePhiles is having a GIVEAWAY!! I love giveaways. This giveaway is for having 1000 followers!! Thats a lot! :O The prize is the China Glaze Metro Collection!! 12 polishes!! Go enter now
Thanks for reading!! :D


  1. Nice haul you got there. I'm a fan of the $1 polishes myself lol.


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