Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seriously.. Another Giveaway!!

The Trace Face is having another giveaway just because she can!!! Im too cheap to do a giveaway just beacause I can lol. She's so awesome! And guess what... They're will be eight winners!!! The prizes are, of course, nail polishes. SO go enter now!!

Naked Nails!! Do Not read if you do not like bare nails.

Soooo here are my naked nails, I decided to take pictures of them because I don't have anything else to post LOL :P Can you see one ugly finger??

This finger, my middle finger!! It has this little hill on my nail, and I dont know what it is!! If you know what it is and how to get rid of it please tell me on the comments.. Please.....


After I got bored of my Dotty mani I added Sally Hansen Crackle OverCoat.
 And it cracked nicely. Since this is a really short post, here are some pictures of my pet rabbit. :)

 And here's a picture of a tortoise thats older than me!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"They look dotty!"

 Today I did  nail art that I saw on Nail Nerd, if you havent heard of her go check her out! I first sponged on Wet N Wild- Dreamy Poppy over Revlon-Minted. And then added some dots using Minted again. Its a very simple design but it looks so cool!! When my friend saw my nails today she said "They look dotty!" lol :P

Thanks for reading!! Bye!!!!

Revlon- Minted Swatch

 Today I have a swatch of the minty Minted! Its a light green polish and it took only two coats! Thats good enough for me! :P I really like this polish its one of my favorite mint greens, its the lightest mint shade I have.

 Thanks for reading and looking! Watch Out for my next post, this polish is gonna have some nail art on it. ;)

Monday, August 29, 2011


 This Monday's theme on PolishaholisAnonymous was galaxy but since I already did Galaxy Nails I wanted to try something different and do planet nails!!

Index Finger: Mystery Purple Planet, Venus, and a silver moon. Middle Finger: Mars, The Moon and Earth. Ring Finger: Thebighugefatplanet JUPITER! Pinky Finger: Neptune

Thanks for reading! P.s. This was all freehanded lol :P

Sunday, August 28, 2011


 After I got bored of the nail art stickers, I peeled the stickers off and they came off really easily. So I then was gonna stamp over it and then I noticed my nails looks just like the color of the stamper lol :P

 Result, fail stamping. I really stink at stamping, I try and try but I just cant do it lol :P

Thanks for look at my horribly stamped nails!!

Swatch and Nail art Stickers!

 Just a quick post for today, I first started with a swatch of Revlon Guava, Its a nice coral shade and covered in 2 coats.
I finally got my nail art stickers in the mail from ebay and they gave an extra one so these are the extra stickers. They are actually pretty cool, I like that they have added rhinestones.

Here's what they looked like in the package. Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Roses are Red

 Hey guys! today I have Rose nail art, I first saw this tutorial on how to do it on Nail Nerd, she does some awesome nail art go check her out!! I first started with 3 coats of Revlon- Sunshine Sparkle.

 Then I painted the roses!

I even have a matching rose ring made out of pipe cleaners! :D

Thanks for reading!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Nyan Cat nail Art!!

 I know alot of people have been doing nyan cat nail art and i wanted to join in!! Nyan cat is basically a cat with a poptart body who says nyan, nyan, nyan, without stopping while walking through the galaxy farting out a rainbow. AND HE'S SO CUTE!!!! Just look up 'Nyan Cat' on youtube and you'll get addicted or annoyed. Someone even made a 24 hour video!
Close-Up of Nyan Cat.

 I jsut love this design so much, its so bright!! 

  My Nyan Cat isnt as good as Silence is Loud's but oh well!